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How 1minus1 delivered a creative website for Turn 10 Studios, part of Xbox Game Studios, 25% faster with Strapi

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  • 99%of content manageable in Strapi
  • 25%less time spent on project development
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How did you build your projects before using Strapi?

We were using a variety of CMS before. Quite often we chose WordPress as it’s the most popular CMS that our clients know. It’s mature in terms of features but it may become quite slow. We have also built our own custom CMS but it required a lot of time and cost to keep that platform evolving.


Why did you look for a new CMS?

In 1minus1, we are always looking for quality and innovation, that’s why we need tech solutions which would enable us to do better work for people. We want to deliver creative things really fast and at the same time let clients scale and easily manage the projects we create.

For the Turn 10 Studios website, we needed something that would be easy to build and scale in the future, something fast and accessible. We wanted to deliver a creative and innovative solution and enable the clients to be in control of how they lay the content out. Neither WordPress, not a custom CMS could satisfy these needs. That’s why we started to look for something else and found Strapi.


How was your experience building a website with Strapi?

We quickly learned how to use Strapi and created nicely laid out flexible individual blocks in just a couple of hours. We used Vue.js for the project and it was extremely quick to get the things we created into Strapi. We really liked Strapi’s stripped-back simple interface and how easy it is to create different content types.

We promised the client that they will be able to modify 99% of the content that we put on the website. And we kept that promise: all the text, images, videos, order of blocks, sliders, directions are configurable thanks to Strapi. The only thing that is hardcoded is the timing in some animations.

Take this 3D animation, for example. All the text inside it can be modified using Strapi.



What are the main benefits Strapi gives you?

First of all, we saved time when creating a project with Strapi. We did it 25-30% faster compared to the time it takes when we use other CMS. It is also cost-efficient as Strapi is easy to customize. Finally, we built a high-quality product with a fast page load, a great configuration of all the content on the platform, and flexibility of the content architecture.

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