What's new in Strapi


Strapi v4.4 - Custom fields & upgraded API Token

Custom fields allow you to add any types of fields to Strapi to extend your app.

  • Integrate Strapi with other tools: add a custom field that connects Strapi to other services, such as Google Maps, Shopify, YouTube, etc.
  • Personalise the content management experience: create custom rendering to improve the content editing experience.
  • Improve the developer experience: customize the admin panel in an easy way by installing the necessary fields. Custom FIelds.png

Upgraded API Token allows you to authenticate and access the Content API. In v4.4, we updated the API token system, making it more granular and flexible:

  • Enable CRUD permissions for each content type, making sure users only access the necessary data.
  • Set the duration of the token (7, 30, 90 days or unlimited) to make sure there are no security risks. api token

Strapi v4.3.0 - TypeScript support and Media Library folders

New features:

  • TypeScript support: develop using TypeScript in your Strapi applications.
  • Media Library folders: group files in folders to easily find the necessary asset. Media folders βœ… (1).png

Strapi v4.2.0 - Logo customization & Providers on Strapi Market

New features:

  • Logo customization: change the logo in the Strapi admin panel in a couple of clicks, at any time
  • Providers on Strapi Market - in the in-app marketplace, you’ll find not only plugins, but providers as well. Bug fixes:
  • Remove limit on deep populate on components
  • Change from mailgun-js to mailgun.js
  • Update .gitignore to allow use of word "coverage"
  • Fix upload plugin
  • Fix yup strapiID
  • Fix CVE-2022-29256
  • Fix generation of OpenAPI documentation with top level type attribute
  • Prevent argv check on "add-missing-keys-to-other-language"

Gatsby-source-strapi udpate

STRAPI + Gatsvy.png The new version of Gatsby-source-Strapi plugin supports

  • dynamic zones,
  • API token,
  • internationalization,
  • image handling in markdown files.

We also improved Gatsby Cloud support with content sync and preview mode.


Dark Mode available in v4.1.6

Strapi users can now choose what mode to use - the light one, or the dark one, and easily switch it in user-level settings at any time. The Dark Mode may reduce eye fatigue, saves energy consumption and, thanks to high color contrasts, makes Strapi more accessible. dark mode home


In-app marketplace is live πŸ›’

Good news for everyone who creates and uses plugins: the marketplace is now available directly in your app! You can access it through the menu and see all of the available v4 plugins. strapi market in app


Strapi Market - the official plugin marketplace

Strapi Market is the official marketplace, listing the plugins created by the Strapi team, technology and solution partners, as well as individual community members.

  • Strapi users can browse the list of available Strapi plugins and find the one they need.
  • Plugin creators can showcase their work and get recognition by sharing the plugins with the community.
  • Agencies and solution partners can now build projects faster by creating plugins that will automate their work and facilitate integrations with other services. strapi market screenshot.png

Strapi v4 is live!

The new major version of Strapi introduces many improvements:

  • New user interface with improved navigation and accessibility.
  • Plugin API allowing everyone to easily create and maintain plugins thanks to a programmatic approach.
  • Database query engine that allows to make precise queries and load only necessary data, which improves performance and facilitates customization.
  • Updated REST & GraphQL API with better filtering, pagination, standardised request and response format.
  • API Token that allows to manage the permissions of the Content API requests more smoothly.
  • Error handling with improved messages and standardised error codes makes it easier to fix issues. strapi v4 screenshot.png

The Strapi Design System

Strapi Design System provides guidelines and tools to help anyone make Strapi's contributions more cohesive and to build plugins more efficiently.

It's an open source design system for plugins, products and digital experiences, which consists of design principles and guidelines, created from our design vision, components, design tools and resources, and a vibrant community of contributors.

Along with the design system, we published a UI Kit which is available for free on Figma.



Security fix - Strapi v3.6.8

We have fixed a security issue in the Users & Permissions plugin.

Learn more on Github.


Interactive starter CLI - Strapi v3.6.4

The Starters and Templates CLI is now interactive: you are prompted with a list of templates or starters to select before getting started. More details here.


Gatsby Source Strapi plugin

The Gatsby Source Strapi plugin helps you query Strapi content in Gatsby and lets you benefit from all the Gatsby goodness.

This major version includes:

  • Internationalization support
  • Fixed dynamic zones support
  • Support for Gatsby v3
  • Support for arrays of images
  • New README documentation



🌍 Internationalization - Strapi v3.6

The internationalization feature lets you localize content by translating and adapting it to different countries. You will be able to:

  • Create multiple versions (locales) of your content
  • Choose what content types and fields are localized and what are not
  • Copy & paste content from one locale to another
  • Set up granular permission rights for each locale

Available for free and without limitations.

i18n strapi


Starters CLI - v3.5.4

Creating full-stack Strapi applications with starters just got much easier πŸ™Œ We have released a CLI for Strapi starters. Now, with one command, you can have a monorepo running your starter frontend and Strapi backend in minutes.


Sentry plugin πŸ”

Sentry allows developers to ensure the quality of their applications. It logs errors and gives you all the context you need to identify the source of the problem.

This plugin lets you benefit from all these Sentry features with your Strapi app. Once you install it, the Sentry plugin will:

  • Initialize a Sentry instance when your Strapi app starts
  • Send errors encountered in your application's end API to Sentry
  • Attach useful metadata to Sentry events, to help you with debugging
  • Expose a global Sentry service

Sentry (2) 1.png


Single-Sign-On Authentication - Strapi v3.5

SSO authentication for admin panel lets enterprises connect Strapi to their authentication providers and protocols such as Active Directory, Okta, Auth0, Keycloak, OAuth etc. Employees will be able to use the credentials of a third-party app to log in to the admin panel. The feature is available in Gold Enterprise Edition.



πŸ”— Relational Fields displayed in List View - Strapi 3.4

In the new Strapi version 3.4, you can see the content type relational fields in the list view.

  • Easily find the records you need by implementing filters by relations or sorting your data.
  • Customise your list view by choosing what relational fields to show and renaming columns.



New "Application" page in Settings - Strapi 3.3

A new "Application" section in the Settings page of the admin panel menu will show you information about the Strapi and Node versions that you’re currently using, as well as the Strapi Edition (Community or Enterprise).

A new menu notification will remind you to update Strapi once a new version is available.

More details about the release here.



πŸ“ New Draft&Publish feature - Strapi 3.2

With the new Draft and Publish feature you can:

  • save the content as a draft and publish it whenever you want
  • revert the published content back to the β€œunpublished” draft state
  • turn on or off the draft system for each of content types

Available in both Community and Enterprise Editions.



Introducing custom Roles and Permissions in Strapi 3.1

The custom roles and permissions feature lets admins limit the access of other users to the admin panel.

The basic roles and permissions feature available in a free Strapi Community Edition includes:

  • an unlimited number of admin users
  • 3 default roles (Super Admin, Editor, Author)
  • customizable access to specific Collection & Single Types

The advanced roles and permissions feature available in Strapi Enterprise Edition includes:

  • an unlimited number of custom roles in Silver and Golden plans or
  • 30 custom roles in a Bronze plan
  • a high level of granularity (down to the field level) for a series of specific actions (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Publish)



πŸš€ Stable Community Edition release - Strapi 3.0.0

Announcing general availability of Strapi Community Edition 🍾

The stable release includes several new features:

  • Native support for .env files to simplify configuration setup for users.
  • Improved environment configuration with overwrites.
  • Better database lifecycles to trigger functions before or after a specific event.
  • New CLI command to easily migrate settings across environments.
  • Greater support for deployment configurations with proxy configuration changes.

The stable community edition also includes the core features like content type builder, rich markdown editor, JWT authentication, dynamic zones, webhooks, media library, plug-in providers and more!



🎞 Media library release - Strapi beta.20

The Strapi Media Library takes content management in Strapi to the new level:

  • Manage a variety of media assets including images, videos, audio files, PDFs, or GIFs.
  • Edit the size, name, alt text of the asset directly in the media library.
  • Sort the assets, filter by date, type or size or use the search to find what you need.
  • Preview images and videos and select the right one immediately.
  • Connect your Media Library to a storage service provider.



πŸ’Ž Single Types & UID field - Strapi beta.19

Introducing Single Types - the content type which is not a part of a collection and is used to manage the "one-of-a-kind" pages of a project, such as a homepage, menu, footer, "about us" page, or to manage global settings, like SEO settings.

We've also added a new UID field which is a unique identifier that can be used to identify your content type as well as to create SEO-friendly website URLs.


New Dynamic Zones feature - Strapi beta.18

Dynamic Zones let you build dynamic pages or create complex data structures.

Using the dynamic zones feature, you can:

  • Create components, a new data structure which we launch with this release.
  • Create nested fields to organize your information, repeat this data structure to build arrays or to reuse this data structure across multiple Content-Types.
  • Pick on the fly any component, reorder them as you wish in the repeatable zone and create original content structure.

Dynamic_Zones png


Strapi beta is live πŸš€

The new Strapi beta version makes the product use much smoother:

  • Seamless version upgrade
  • Overhaul of the Admin UI build process
  • Reliable Deployment
  • Improved stability
  • New Core API
  • Easier Monorepo setup and installation

Read the release article to learn more πŸ‘‡