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The Strapi users going above and beyond for the community.

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Contribute to the Strapi Community


Meetups & Events

Start a local meetup or speak at conferences & meetups around the world. We're here to help.

Pull Requests & Issues

Send in bug fixes, reproduce bugs or add to documentation.

Technical Content

Share your knowledge by creating video or written technical content.

What are the objectives?

Free Enterprise Version

The Community Stars will have a free license to use the Strapi Enterprise Edition with advanced custom roles.

Swag and Recognition

The Community Stars will have an Exclusive Swag Pack, Recognition on Strapi’s website, Twitter & Online Channels, and opportunities to mentor hackathons & attend conferences for free. All steps towards recognizing them as leaders in their fields.

Support and Mentorship

The Community Stars will have a larger role to play in the feature development and testing of the project. Strapi also, when applicable, offers help towards becoming a Strapi contributor or even maintainer.

Resources and Recommendations

The Community Stars get resources and support in their areas of interest and Strapi will offer them professional recommendations for the amazing work they put into their community activity.