Role Based Access Control
Custom roles and permissions

Smooth publishing with different roles and permissions

Strapi roles

Role-Based Access Control

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Reduce administrative work and IT support

Create, add and switch roles quickly and implement them globally across operating systems, platforms and applications.
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Improve privacy and confidentiality compliance

Easily meet statutory and regulatory requirements for privacy and confidentiality by securely managing how data is being accessed and used.
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Maximize team efficiency

Align roles with the organizational workflow and help your team do their jobs more efficiently and autonomously.
Pricing plans

4 plans to exactly fit your needs

The free Community Edition RBAC includes 3 default roles. More Custom Roles are available in the Enterprise Edition: unlimited custom roles in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans.

The Bronze is available for free to students, open-source, and non-profits.

Enterprise edition

Manage permissions effortlessly with Custom Roles

Create roles that match your internal organisation. Assign the role to different people, modify the permissions of each role at any time. With custom roles, your team members have access to the content they need, not more, not less.

Enterprise Edition

Field-granularity for maximal security

You can configure permissions for any operation on any field of any content type. Your data is completely secure and you minimize the risk of data breach or leakage.


More Features

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    Content Types Builder

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    • Your front-end developers can autonomously choose any name and reuse them in the front-end code.

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    Media Library

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    • Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

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    Customizable API

    • Create your REST or GraphQL API without coding in a couple of minutes
    • Hop in the code and customize the API however you want

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    • Create multilingual websites or apps
    • Localize content by translating the text and adapting the messaging & page structure to each version

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    Custom fields

    • Create a unique editing experience by customizing the admin panel at ease.
    • Integrate your Strapi app with other tools like Shopify, Youtube, Google Maps, CKEditor and more

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