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We are a Czech based company with 10+ international clients ranging from the USA, Switzerland, UK, all the way to Japan. Our specialty is custom software development and our motto is: "Software that brings joy". We are a team of professionals and we pride ourselves in our courage to push the boundaries of development. We do so for clients such as NAV Flight systems, Siemens, Konica Minolta, CTP and many others. We prove it by the projects we chose to work on. Examples of our project running on STRAPI: App controlled solely by eyes and voice Venture-backed app for scanning and evaluating tree health status A big EU based insurance company that migrated their core stack to STRAPI with us (case study on our blog) Apart from tech challenges we also have domains in these industries: Travel and flight industry Research and development Startups Another source of our pride is our stack. We only work with the most effective technologies - our frontend is Vuejs(also Nuxtjs) and React(also Nextjs), we make PWAs and mobile apps in Kotlin, Swift, and React Native. Our backend is NodeJS, Strapi, GrahpQL, Mongo, and PostgreSQL. Our apps run in the AWS cloud (Heroku or AWS by itself). Our teams are able to deliver full-lifecycle development or purely focus on the technology as a team of 2+ dedicated developers. To make v4 even better for everyone we created a History plugin and deployed to STRAPI Marketplace and we plan on doing more open source STRAPI components. Always wanting to share the knowledge, we regularly organize Vue.js and Strapi meetups. Thanks to this we became a part of an incredible community of Czech developers. We offer STRAPI consulting for v3 but also v4. We already consulted the switch from v3 to v4 with numerous NGOs and startups. If you are considering STRAPI, do not hesitate to also take advantage of our free 30 min consultation with our CEO Ondřej Janošík.

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